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Customize your customer's in-store experience

Connect your:


- Loyalty program

- Coupons program

- Members program

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We integrate with almost any CRM or loyalty program, even if you have a custom solution. Our development team will make it work.

Sync your CRM, loyalty points, coupons and more.

Imagine connecting your Wifi with your Loyalty program. Remind your customers about your benefits every time they connect. Collect instant reviews and measure your NPS.

Scalability and Security

Our infrastructure is running on AWS and Digital Ocean. We combine a main platform with failover infrastructure.

Your Brand

Your wifi, your brand. You can customize the look and feel of your captive portal.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Interacting with your brand is as easy as connecting to your Wifi.

Project Customization

We work together with your team to understand, plan and execute custom integrations and deployments. We integrate PMS, POS, CRMs and Loyalty programs.


Every customer will get their own customized captive portal based on your CRM.

Public Wifi Zones

Increase your brand visibility. Understand your users, segment by interests, location, and predicted data to push notifications and emails based and showcase your services.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Christina @

Chelsea J., Business Development VP

Aiwifi has provided the right interface and technology for our customers. We were able to increase business accounts loyalty by providing a unique tool to complement their efforts.

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