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Aiwifi for Hospitality

The standards of hospitality are now on a different level. Guest Wifi is not only a 'must have' for Hotels but it has to be paired with a good quality connection and a customized connection interaction. Aiwifi helps Hospitality businesses exceed Guests expectations and customize their experience at a new level. 


Aiwifi is compatible with the top network and wifi hardware manufacturers in the world. If your hardware is not listed on our compatibility list, we'll be happy to help you explore how to set it up.

Technology Advantage

Developing new technology is usually expensive and takes some time. 

With Aiwifi, we make sure you provide the lates technology and trends on Marketing and Analytics to your customers. 


Our infrastructure is running on AWS and Digital Ocean. We combine a main platform with failover infrastructure.

Your Brand

Every time your Guest connects to your Wifi, he will see a customized message with your logo next to it. How cool is that?

Profile your Guest

Every connection is a new data point for your guests profile. Use data to customize their experience and make them feel welcome.

Project Customization

You've got a customer that requests an advanced project? We work together with your team to understand, plan and execute custom integrations and deployments. We integrate PMS, POS, CRMs and Loyalty programs.


We integrate with Telco's infrastructure to automatize captive portal implementations, account creation and deployment. Your subscribers can subscribe to Aiwifi through your administration platform.

Follow up after their stay

Increase your brand visibility. Understand your users, segment by interests, location, and predicted data to push digital campaigns to everyone who connected to the Guests' Wifi after they left.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Christina @

Chelsea J., Business Development VP

Aiwifi has provided the right interface and technology for our customers. We were able to increase business accounts loyalty by providing a unique tool to complement their efforts.

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