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Aiwifi for Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and Bars are one of the most complex venues in terms of Customer Satisfaction. Aiwifi provides the perfect channel to understand customers, learn about their preferences and customize their experience. 


Aiwifi is compatible with the top network and wifi hardware manufacturers in the world. If your hardware is not listed on our compatibility list, we'll be happy to help you explore how to set it up.

Technology Advantage

Developing new technology is usually expensive and takes some time. 

With Aiwifi, we make sure you provide the latest technology and trends on Marketing and Analytics to your business.. 


Our infrastructure is running on AWS and Digital Ocean. We combine a main platform with failover infrastructure.

Your Branding

Customize your Wifi to your brand. Select your brand's colors, logo, texts and privacy policy without having to contact your IT department. 

Training and Certification

We help you train your marketing and business team to use all the potential on your Wifi to customize the experience of your customer and connect them with your digital channels.

Project Customization

Do you have a Loyalty program? Get in touch with us for a custom Enterprise Plan. We'll make sure we can help on increasing up to 35% the loyalty program participation.


Fill out your email marketing lists and CRM automatically. Record customers visits and engage with them if you haven't seen them for some time.

Your Brand, your Wifi

Display Ads, announcements, offers, promos and coupons. It is all about letting your customers know you care. 

Contact Capture

Request your guests contact information to keep them informed and connect on digital channels. Show them promotions and ads instantly.

Rating and NPS

Listen to your guests. Let them rate your service, experience or any other aspect of your restaurant. React instantly and don't let them go without a smile.


Segment your guests based on their declared preferences. Want to know what they appreciate the most?  We'll help you understand.

Digital Flyer

You have a digital menu but there's no internet coverage? We'll help your customers get to the digital menu as soon as they connect.

What Our Clients Say

Image by Christina @

Chelsea J., Business Development VP

Aiwifi has provided the right interface and technology for our customers. We were able to increase business accounts loyalty by providing a unique tool to complement their efforts.

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