WiFi Marketing

Your WiFi should work for your business

Generate leads, show coupons and offers, create surveys and connect with your customers.

Do it yourself

You only need your internet connection

You only need an internet connection and a compatible Access Point. Ask for our Plug&Play Solution.

  • Purchase our Plug&Play kit
  • Connect your Access Point to your modem
  • Create an Aiwifi account
  • Customize your WiFi Captive Portal
Connect with your customers by sharing your WiFi

WiFi Marketing for Businesses

Share your WiFi with your customers and get contact information, comments, opinions and show ads and offers from your brand.

Data Capture

Decide los datos que quieres recabar, con tu aviso de privacidad y alimenta tu base de datos de clientes. Decide what information is important to your bisness, use your privacy notice and populate your clients database.

Offers and Ads

Show your customers relevant content every connection.

Quick surveys

Recieve instant feedback directly from your customers. A quick and efficient way to listen and improve.


Collect your guests interests to improve your products and services offers.

Want to learn more?

If you have questions or want to know more about how Aiwifi can transform your business, contact us.