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Empowering businesses to make descisions based on data.

Guest insights for your physical space with WiFi Analytics

With our Wi-Fi analytics platform, rest assured you will have the up-to-date analytics of the information that is relevant to your business. All from Guest Interests, to surveys and market research analytics of your visitors.

Gather detailed data and insights from your physical space like you would your website. Get new vs repeat visits, frequency of visits, and track trends across your estate to improve your visitor experience.



Understand your visitors and customers

Engage your visitors and customers by getting to know what they like. Gather their contact details and build detailed digital profiles of your visitors, including demographics and interests, to ensure your business is running smoothly and listening to your customer’s feedback.

It’s all about trends. Get insights about the most visited day of the week and time of the day. Information relevant to implement strategies in your venue that help your business grow.

Enterprise Analytics

Our enterprise analytics allow brands to generate KPI’s, insights and analytics tailored to their objectives. 

Measure affluence, visitors origin, return vs new trends and other behavioral insights that will give your business superpowers to make decisions and implement data-backed strategies.

+1000 businesses make data backed decisions

Their experience on their words

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Our operational and marketing strategies are now data-backed. We can measure the impact of implemented initiatives inside the restaurants.

Berenice O Marketing Manager

We are now generating marketing strategies while giving my patients free internet access in the waiting room. It is easy to follow up so they keep returning.

Michael F. Dentist

The platform is super easy to use. Other solutions I've tested require a large learning curve. Aiwifi made it easy for our marketing team to start.

Jeffrey A. Network Manager

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