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The perfect bridge connecting the Physical with the Digital World.

aiwifi transforms venues into intelligent spaces through data capture, analytics, customer engagement and loyalty.

Innovative companies rely on aiwifi

Use Cases

Ancla use Cases

Learn about what you can achieve with aiwifi

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Engage with your visitors the first time they connect. 

Our progressive data capture campaigns customize the data collection so that your guest will have a great experience.

Why choose us.

functionalities provided by aiwifi

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Capture leads

When client connects to Wifi, it provides you with their contact information.

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See the ages of your visitors and understand their behavior.

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Connect your clients

When connecting to Wifi, show your customers your offers and promotions.

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You are in control

decide what your clients have to do to be able to navigate. Everyone wins.

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Employee lock

Detect connecting employees and decide whether to let them browse or not

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Integrate your customers data to third-party apps



What clients says about us

Aiwifi has generated 10x more customers information than our tablet based survey platform. We stopped using the tablets 6 months ago as it was way more expensive.

Ancla Plans

Get started using your current hardware

Made your Mind to get started?

Connect with your clients through your Wifi. Create campaigns, schedule them and interact with your customers every time they connect to your internet.

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