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The perfect bridge connecting the Physical with the Digital World.

aiwifi transforms venues into intelligent spaces through data capture, analytics, customer engagement and loyalty.

Use Cases


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Shopping Malls



Car Dealerships

Many more

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Offer free wifi in-store while getting valuable insights about your visitors. 

Survey them, contact them and surprise them with customized ads depending on their demographics and activity. 

Captive Portal Aiwifi

Free wifi can now be part of your menu. Show your visitors new dishes, new openings and special promotions, all based on their taste. Ask them to rate their experience and invite them back if they have not returned in a while.

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Charging for Wifi is in the past. Use your Wifi to up-sell and cross-sell your products and services. Customize and measure the experience of your Guests. 

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Getting insights on your visitors demographics will get you making better decisions. Sell your wifi ad space to your tenants and give your visitors free wifi. 

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Get insights about how your customers move around different stations. Sell the ad space on your wifi or communicate real time departure information. All from airports to onboard bus wifi. 

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Digital Banking is the new standard for Finance institutions. Give free wifi in your venues and promote your Banking App buy making your download funnel frictionless. Keep your customers happy while they wait and show them offers everytime they connect.  

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Forget about your sales agents writing down your leads contact information. Give your visitors free wifi and onboard them into your CRM automatically. Following up has never been easier.

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Free Wifi is a must for brick'n mortar businesses. All from events, conferences and mobility, using your Wifi in exchange for valuable insights can give you business intelligence and analytics of the physical world and translate them into digital. 

Why choose us.

functionalities provided by aiwifi

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Capture leads

When client connects to Wifi, it provides you with their contact information.

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See the ages of your visitors and understand their behavior.

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Connect your clients

When connecting to Wifi, show your customers your offers and promotions.

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You are in control

decide what your clients have to do to be able to navigate. Everyone wins.

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Employee lock

Detect connecting employees and decide whether to let them browse or not

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